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[ Hey ], at 14th June, 2010, I finished my study in University of Bedfordshire, Luton, United Kingdom (starts at 11/Sept/06, program: Ph.D) and obtained a Ph.D degree in wireless propagation modelling. I passed RS1 (Registeration) report at 1/March/2007, and I submitted RS4 report at 19/Feb/2008, and passed the mid-term viva at 26/March/2008.
From 3/Feb/2009, I stay at University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Fribourg, for about one year (Photos). Since then, I have joined EIA-FR Grid Group, headed by Prof. Pierre Kuonen. This fellowship has enabled me to employ grid technology in my phd project.
On 26/Feb/2010, I have submitted the Ph.D thesis for review. The viva took place on 20/May/2010 and I passed it with minor correction. (RS9 Forms [1] [2] [3], Post Card, Email)
On 14/June/2010, the internal examiner is happy on my correction.
The RGS (Research Graduate School) confirms the award. (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5)

September, 2010, I joined Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd… Luton Office, as a senior research fellow, where I was the main developer/manager of wireless propagation modelling. October, 2011, I was relocated to the Sheffield office.
October 1, 2013, I took up the PostDoc role in University of Sheffield. The Job title is Marie Curie Experienced Researcher. For more details on this role, you can visit the Project page at WiFEEB - Wireless Friendly and Energy Efficient Buildings. My roles include development of tools for the design of wireless and energy efficient buildings and in charge of high frequency ray tracing tools.
April 30, 2015, I resign from the University of Sheffield, and resume the employment with Ranplan (Resignation Letter [DOC], Continous Employment, End of Secondment). On 3/May/2015, I am relocated to the Cambourne office (Cambridgeshire, CB23, United Kingdom).
I am currenly holding a Indefinite Leave to Remain [settlement] Tier-1 visa (Highly migrant) in UK (Expiry: 18/April/2016).

Zhihua Lai
November, 1984
11622 Days, 31.841 Years (31 Years, 10 Months, 1 Week, 2 Hours, 40 Minutes, 29 Seconds Ago)
Regus, Regus House, 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne CAMBRIDGE, Cambridgeshire, CB23 6DP, United Kingdom
SG630405B  ( 1 - 2 )
Full UK (Manual) with Pass Plus Certification of Completion [14/May/2015]

CVs in PDF: jobs (921 KB)| latex (71 KB) | linkedin (41 KB)| bio (63 KB)| uob (348 KB) [Printable] [Discontinued]
CVs in DOCX: jobs (137 KB)| latex (43 KB)| ch (54 KB)| ch1 (18 KB)

[ ]Skills

  1. Tools / IDEs

    • visual studio 6 to 2013
    • delphi7, 2007, XE2, XE8
    • codeblocks
    • netbean
    • jedit, gedit, vim (vi, nano), notepad (++), sublime-text
    • pspad, editplus
    • SVN, git
  2. familiar with

    • windows (95/98/xp/vista/7/2003/me)
    • linux (redhat, fedora, mandrake, ubuntu), cygwin
    • offices with vba programming
    • winedt(latex,miktex), uml
    • markdown
    • mambo (cms), joomla (cms)
    • condor
    • seo
  3. telecommunication

    • propagation modelling: ray tracing, ray launching
    • mimo modelling
    • 2g/3g/4g indoor and outdoor radio network planning and optimisation
    • das/wlan/femtocell system design
  4. high skills in web development, inc. page designing and database handling

    • j(ava)script/vbscript, dom, ajax, xml(xslt)
    • smarty, fusebox, xhtml, css
    • flash(actionscript), java applet
    • socket, parallel/distributed
    • asp/php/jsp + access/mysql/oracle + memcached
    • familiar with sql injection
  5. programming languages

    • c--(baci)/c&c++
    • c#
    • delphi (free/object pascal)
    • vc(6-2010), open gl
    • java
    • python, lua
    • brainfuck
    • vb/vba
    • assembly(6502, x86 masm), debug
    • ole, com(+)
    • mpi, pop c++, makefile
    • powershell, unit tests, jenkins continuous server
  6. linux administration and basic programming

    • bash/ksh/csh
    • awk
    • sed
    • perl
    • svn, git
  7. handling daily jobs / creating utilities

    • wsh (vbscript, jscript), vba (excel, access)
    • windows/dos batch (*.bat)
    • linux shell(*.sh)
    • debug(*.com)
    • pascal script (inno setup)
  8. long time ago

    • logo
    • foxbase 2.1
    • turbo/borland pascal 7.0, turbo c2.0, turbo c++3.0
    • microsoft qbasic
    • bbgdos, bbgasm (6502 assembly)
    • msdos (from ver 5), ccdos, ucdos, wps
    • windows 3.x
  9. file formats

    • exe
    • com
    • dxf
    • eps
    • svg

[ ]Education

[ ]Academic Events

Conferences / Workshops / Meetings



Transfer Seminar

Informal Seminars

  • The Development of an Intelligent Ray Launching Algorithm for Wireless Network Planning

    22 April 2010

    30 Minutes Presentation

    For CIS022-2 practical (undegraduate students, year 2).

  • A Parallel Intelligent Ray Launching For Wireless Coverage Prediction

    19 February 2009
    EIA-FR Group, Fribourg, Switzerland

    An introduction on my phd work and progress report on employing POP-C++ to speed up IRLA.

    3 Slides

  • Research Progress Report, [email protected]

    23 July 2009
    Vevey, Switzerland, Pierre's house

    5 slides, but nearly take an hour to discuss

    One pleasant day in boss's house, enjoy million-dollar view, talk to people with interesting subjects ...

    Few Slides

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